• Tyson1902
    Posted Oct 17
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  • Joyce Akpan
    Posted Sep 8
    I wish I can get help to become an Hollywood movie star with my talent.
    #movies #help #Actress #Bill gate #Amazon
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  • R Shree  Yadav
    Posted Jul 11
    I want my height 5feet 4inch and face is like himansi khurana and skin colour like tammana bhatia
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  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Posted Jul 1
    A Good pc for my Animation & Game designing work
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  • Kevin Kiptoo
    Posted Jun 27
    I wish to have a girlfriend from US to text me in my what's app +254735784315
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  • Kevin Kiptoo
    Posted Jun 27
    I wish to get $5000 tonight
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  • Traxtyn Pick
    Posted May 31
    100k Robux
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  • Brandy Martin
    Posted May 31
    I wish for my baby brother(who is 32yrs old). He is currently @ San Francisco Dr hospital fighting for his life with pancreatitis... He goes in for Sergey today. He is in an induced coma and is in critical condition. So PLEASE I WISH FOR MY BABY BRO (Joe) TO HACE THE STRENGTH HE NEEDS AND ALL OF THE CARE IT TAKES,.. NO MATTER WHAT THE COST TO GET THROUGH THIS AND RO GET BACK TO HIS FAMILY AND HIS 2 LITTLE GIRLS WO NEED THERE DADDY IN THERE LIVES!! Thank you so very much. I really am so greatful! Sencerly yours. Brandy M
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  • Esther Dorwie
    Posted May 31
    I wish to become very rich,happy,and marry with kids
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  • Hamza akim  Bah
    Posted May 31
    I wish my mom and I will be rich forever and I wish I will pass my exams forever and I wish for millions of money will be in my school bag and I wish Davido will send massage to me and I isata daffae will love me forever I wish my mom will be don building our house in two days time
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