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Terms of Service

This page will contain the terms of service of your choice.

When you sign up on our website, you're agreed to our following terms & conditions. 

  • No Bullying is allowed on the website. If you are found to break this rule, you will be banned permanently. There are no second chances.
  • No Disrespect of any member is allowed. Disrespecting members, admins, or any user that's part of our community will get you banned permanently.
  • No Spamming is allowed. Whether it be wishes, texts, private messages or any sort.
  • No creation or promotion of sexual, gender, gambling, bet, alcohol, drugs or any kind of similar content is allowed here by individuals or businesses.
  • Use of any foul or abusive language is banned here and not allowed in any way. 
  • Nude images, videos or content is not allowed here. 
  • Inappropriate messages, wishes, chats or any kind of similar behavior is not allowed here on this platform.